Daniel Fung Discusses the Different Ways You Can Take CBD Oil

If you have heard about CBD oil and are considering trying it out, you might wonder which is the best method to intake it. For starters, Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT would like you to know that CBD oil is currently legal in all 50 states although there is a lot of confusion due to recent DEA actions. At the time, though, you should take advantage of it as it offers numerous health benefits.

CBD oil is legal because it is extracted from industrial hemp.  Industrial hemp is different from cannabis because of their respective THC levels. Daniel Fung of CT says that the easiest way to tell the difference between hemp and cannabis is whether or not there are more than .3% levels of THC. If so, you have cannabis. If not, you have industrial hemp. The Agricultural Act of 2014 clearly notes that hemp and cannabis are different.

CBD oil is made of cannabinoids called cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of 113 active cannabinoids and, unlike THC, it does not cause the euphoria and any other sensations that typically describe “the high” associated with cannabis. Medical researchers, doctors, athletes, healers, and others are buying into CBD to treat a wide variety of symptoms.

And as we learn more about CBD, it appears CBD could be a viable option for a number of patients, including suffers of epilepsy, anxiety, PTSD, and more. But Daniel Fung of Watertown, CT says many people get confused about which products to try out. Here are just a few options you might have depending on where you shop.

  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Tincture
  • CBD Vaping Cartridges
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Hand Cream and Shampoo/Conditioner
  • CBD Drinks

Daniel Fung of CT encourages you to research and explore various CBD products to determine which ones sound good for you. As the market is still new, he says you should only buy from reputable companies and start slow until you know how your body reacts to CBD.



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